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Here are some videos about what our members have to say about their experience in our program.

Tony C. Testimonial
Tony C. Testimonial
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Patricia H. Testimonial
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Lana F. Testimonial
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Kyle N. Testimonial
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Paul M. Testimonial
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Submitted Testimonials

Here are all the text testimonials that have been submitted to us by our members.

“I am a 70-year-old cyclist, hiker, competitive shooter and fly fisherman. Four months ago I injured my lower back lifting some heavy cinder blocks.

Cat Scan showed two herniated disks, one at L4 and one at L5. It also showed severe narrowing of the nerve channels at L5/S1. I was in severe pain. I was a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Surgery was an option but I wanted to avoid it. I put up with this for 3 months under doctors care trying conventional physical therapy, inversion and strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

That is when I discovered Maiden Wellness center. I committed to 12 sessions and with 4 to go I am pain-free and am able to resume cycling and other activities. This was in combination with two epidural injections provided by an MD not affiliated with the center.

I am sure that the unique approach to correcting spinal compression and misalignment offered by these folks is the real deal. This is not offered in a conventional gym environment.

They approached my problem with care and professionalism. I am very grateful.”

-Larry P.


“I am 57 years old and have had upper back pain and excessive back curving most of my adult years. After my 2nd session, all pain was relieved. After 13 sessions my back is straighter and stronger. I no longer suffer from back pain. I can sit at work (10 hours a day) much easier now. I am also doing more on my days off. I am sleeping better and feel more rested. I look forward to continued sessions with Maiden Wellness.”

-William W.

“My co-worker was telling me about how great she feels after leaving Maiden Wellness. So I had to try it out. Wow! She was right!

I work in an office all day and sit in a chair most of the day. I don’t have any back pain or a spinal injury, but do get a little tense and slouching in my posture.

After doing several sessions I feel great! My posture has been improved and my spine feels stronger from the first day I started.

Thank you, Maiden Wellness. So helpful and professional. I love this place!”

-Anita A.


Here are all of our current Yelp! reviews.

“Maiden wellness is Great. It helped me a lot with my back pain and i continue to go on a maintenance routine. The equipment you work on is the only of its type in the USA.

I would recomend this place to anyone suffering with back pain. The price is good. the people are great. Thank you.”

-Tony C. (5 stars)

“Honestly, I have no idea how my back would feel without this place AND I do not want to know!! I had injured my back from dead lifts and after my first session the pain went from 10 to 2. 10 being that I couldn’t even walk because I was in that much pain. 2 because I was sore.
This place is great for people with back pain/tightness of any sort, especially lower back pain (like myself)

– great environment
– one on one training
– Relieves back pain
– affordable
– Flexible on time
– Strengthens/stretches upper, mid, and lower back and neck

– I can’t think of any lol

Thank you, Albert, for saving my back!”

-Aimee N. (5 stars)

“More affordable than other types of physical therapy and works better for lower back issues. They strengthen and decompress which over time stabilizes you and takes some pressure off.

If you have sciatica like I have had, this reduces it in just one or two sessions. The modality was invented by a professor of sports medicine in Ukraine so it’s a little more popular there than in the states, but it helps a lot.

I still go once a week to keep my sciatica minimal. There’s no miracle cure for back issues, you just have to strengthen and stretch, and alter your habits usually too. But this place has been a big part of my recovery.”

-Andy H. (5 stars)

“If you have any type of back issue you need to come and do a session. I wish I know of this before I did the surgery for my lower back.

After my surgery it didn’t improve. I just finished first level  (10 sessions) and what a major improvement, my back feels alot better and stronger, from time to time there’s occasion pain but it’s very tolerable. According to Albert the owner/trainer after all for levels my back will be completely

According to Albert the owner/trainer after all for levels my back will be completely pain free and spine totally aligned.”

-Johnny C. (5 stars)

“After a spine MRI, my neurologist sent me to an anesthesiologist who wanted to do a nerve block for pain due to multiple chronic back issues. The thought terrified me so I chose to try Maiden Wellness first.

I arrived at Maiden Wellness in pain, and was severely stiff from being inactive.

Albert Planida, Program Director, worked with me skillfully, carefully, patiently, and persistently. When it comes to the spine & muscles, Albert is knowledgeable and loves to share his knowledge. He is the reason I have come so far!

I wouldn’t have made such progress without a program customized for me, on stations that work my whole body, with an education to boot!

I feel blessed to have Maiden Wellness in my life because I’m now pain free, I feel healthy, and I can be active again.

I arrived at Maiden Wellness feeling aged, thinking I’d soon need to move from my house to an apartment – maybe assisted living. Now, I cut my own lawn!

Thanks, Maiden Wellness!!!”

-Patricia H. (5 stars)

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