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Back Health: 4 Things I Learned this Year

Learning about back health     This week we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. That year has been filled with many blessings as well as challenges. I am a firm believer that we should never stop learning. Schooling, no matter which degree we may hold, will never teach us all that there is to know. It is only the beginning. This year taught as well as confirmed for me a few important facts in regards to back health. I would like to share them here.

Back Pain is Relatively Easy to Eliminate

The ACA states that “most cases of back pain are mechanical… meaning they are not caused by serious conditions.” The vast majority of back pain is really just caused by weak spinal muscles that tighten up over time. Some of us expect that the answer to back pain has to be technical and complicated. Go to most PT clinics and chiropractors and you will find a vast array of fancy machines and workout stations. But, I found that our one simple station, because of the way it’s been designed, is able to produce better, and quicker, results. These aren’t my words, but comments I’ve received from so many of our members that have already tried PT and other back pain approaches. The majority of conditions can be cured with simply exercising. Not constant stretching, inversion, or adjustments but, the right kind of exercise that targets the spine effectively. It’s actually quite simple and improves your back health drastically.

Many Don’t Want to Put in the Work

I believe that many people are starting to become more lazy. They would rather sit down and watch the game, than go spend an hour exercising. Because of this, they are constantly looking for the shortcut/easiest solution to their problem, even if it isn’t a true solution. For example, medication, using the newest gizmo that claims to relax the spine, or a pill that claims to relieve your pain in just a matter of hours. They steer away from anything that requires commitment and effort to get results. In the case of back pain, it takes consistency: coming in regularly for your sessions. Even though many members get relief in a few sessions, for others it may take a few months to completely eliminate their pain, because of how severe their situation is. If we don’t want to put in the work, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see no results and have to go through the consequences of poor back health. Just like at the gym: we shouldn’t expect to get in shape in just a few weeks. It takes months! And when we get there, we need to maintain it. Same with the spine. If it had no muscles at all, we wouldn’t need to exercise it repeatedly. But, it does. So it is crucial to keep excercising our spinal muscles for optimal back health. Luckily, the muscles we need to strengthen are small and don’t need alot to maintain their strength.

The Old Way of Doing Things Just Isn’t Improving Back Health

The most common thing I hear from new members is “I’m sick and tired of constantly stretching”, or “going to get an adjustment constantly.” And you should be. Alot of these approaches just keep the back pain at bay for a short while longer. They don’t completely eliminate pain for good or improve your back health. The fault is in the approach. Now some may laugh at me for saying this, but I believe that the whole medical arena has become just a giant business. Don’t believe me? Look at pharmaceuticals. The first thing many of our members recieved from their doctors/therapists was a package of prescription drugs and pain killers. It would do more harm than good most of the time. One member even said he got medicine for cancer patients, for his back pain. All it did was make him woozy and still in much pain. The industry is packed with things that just mask pain and do very little to eliminate it. Why? Because when you cure someone of their problem, they don’t need to come back to you anymore. I will be going through a series very soon that will cover all of the current options available out there for back pain and spinal issues, and their pros and cons. With all these options for back pain out there, you would think that we should’t have so many people with back pain. In fact, studies show that cases of chronic Lower Back Pain are increasing every year. “Half of all working Americans claim to have back pain each year.” (ACA) That is just ridiculous and just shows that the way we deal with back pain has to change and the public should be educated about how to maintain proper back health. Which leads me to my next point.

Being Uneducated Will Hurt Us in the End

We need to start learning to take care of our bodies. We can’t simply rely on others to tell us what to eat, or help us in exercise. Reality is, not everyone is correct when it comes to health. A person that has very little knowledge about their back and overall health can be easily decieved by a marketer trying to sell them a new treatment. Always do your homework beforehand. Also, a doctor/therapist won’t live your life for you, or experience your pain. You may just be another patient in a vast group of patients. A few of our members told me that they had spent hours researching about their spine because doctors simply weren’t helping at all. Each physician had their own varying opinion. You yourself need to know how to take care of your body. This information isn’t locked up in some secret vault that only doctors and surgeons can access. No. There is a bigger than ever pool of information available online and in books. The only barrier between you and that knowledge is a willingness to learn and get educated. You might say, “I don’t have time for this.” All I can say is that you better MAKE time! You’ll thank yourself when you’re 70, living a healthy lifestyle, and not in a hospital. What you do right now will affect your health in the future. Neglect your back now, and you’ll pay for it in a matter of years. Guaranteed.