Revolutionizing Back Pain Relief

This specialized station is exclusive to our Wellness Center and allows us to do unique exercises that no Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, or Chiropractor can perform.

Targeting specific spinal muscles that are impossible to train with just your body, the Spinal Wellness Station not only stretches but strengthens your back for fast, long-term results.

Stretching & Strengthening

Weak spinal muscles tightening up over time are the #1 cause of excruciating back pain.

Stretching relaxes these muscles and loosens the spine for immediate pain relief while strengthening enables your muscles to support you throughout the day without tightening up.

Combined, these two aspects provide the long-term back pain relief that you’ve always wanted.


Want to find out about how our unique approach can help with your back pain? Get a quick overview of how our program is set up and everything you can expect when you start.

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We can tell you about how amazing our program is ’til the cows come home. But, nothing beats actual member testimonies. Here you’ll find all of our video & text testimonials, as well as our Yelp! reviews.

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While exercising may help you deal with back pain, learning about how your back works will help keep you from injuring it again. In our blog we will teach you everything from nutrition to the right sleeping position.

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