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Tired of trying one therapy after another without any lasting relief? 
We offer a revolutionary program designed to strengthen your back and eliminate pain.

Long-term Back Pain Relief

The real key to back pain relief is strengthening your back. Not stretching. The real reason why our pain starts is because our weak back tightens up in order to hold us up throughout the day. Over time, it becomes so tight that we start feeling pain.

Eliminating Pain
So, is it really possible to completely eliminate your pain? Yes! All we need to do is get your muscles to the point where they are strong enough to hold you up throughout the day, without tightening up.

Our Specialized Station
Now, with regular physical therapy, it is really difficult to target the right muscles on your spine. That's why we have our very own specialized workout station, specifically designed to strengthen your neck, back, and core.

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Here's What Our Members Are Saying
Don’t take our word for it, listen to real people with real results!
Aaron B.
Relieved his lower back pain.
Tony C.
Relieved lingering pain from a herniated disc.
Paul M.
Eliminated his chronic sciatic pain.
Patricia H.
Eliminated pain from 2 herniated discs and scoliosis in her lower back.
Lana F.
Eliminated lower back pain from a pinched nerve.
Lou M.
Eliminated pain and numbness in her upper back and arm after slipping on ice.
Kyle N.
Eliminated pain from 2 herniated discs.
Sergio A.
Eliminated his chronic lower back pain.

Here's How It Works

Step 1:
FREE Consultation

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with a Specialist. We will go over a customized course of action for your particular situation. You will also try some of our exercises.
Step 2:
Orientation ($27)

Come in for a 1 Hour session with a Trainer to get a feel for what a regular session looks like. This is a chance for you to decide if our program is right for you, based on whether your pain or tightness subsides during this session.
Step 3:
Start the Program!

If you noticed your pain or tightness go down during either of the previous 2 sessions, then you can be sure our program is right for you.